Friday, October 6, 2017

I'm super good mood coz I got this beautiful aurora seashell plate for my jewelry ♥.♥ I also got this beautiful grey moonstone necklace and 2 silver rosaries which I totally love! (I will write the reason I have two identical rosaries below...)

I found this beautiful seashell shaped plate at DAISO for only 2$! Amazing >.< It gives off aurora colours when light is shed on it. I've been putting my jewelry I wore for the day and couldn't bother to put away in my jewelry box on this plate. Yet, it doesn't look disorganized; instead it looks aesthetically pleasing. Lurve <3  

I also got this simple, yet beautiful, grey moonstone with 925 silver chain from a private jewelry seller who sells handmade jewelry. I've meant to tell the lady my address for months but kept forgetting it that I got it 2 months after I payed her... :P I love the way it looks dreamy when light is reflected on it. It is a great piece for daily use as it goes with almost any dresses I have.

I was lucky I was able to get this piece, because the seller makes only one or two of each pieces, and they always get sold out as soon as they are posted.... T_T I couldn't get that rainbow moonstone or labradorite necklaces I always wanted to get... I've been waiting years to get them, but none were restocked ever since they were sold out... 😿

I also got this 925 silver rosary bracelets- I meant to just get one, but I ordered the wrong size for the first one and I tried to make it wearable by adding a short chain to one end but I ended up not liking it... So I had to purchase another one T^T Very stupid of me... hehe... But still, I like wearing them so I guess it's okay?? >.< I just got to figure out how to make the smaller one look good even with an extension chain. Maybe I will get a different type of chain for this one. 

I also did a DIY with my old chain bracelet! It was a gift I got from my sister back in high school, and it had white fake leather piece going through the chains, but it got worn out after years of wear... How little white pieces fell off and stuck to my skin felt icky and I decided to give it a new look with any ribbon piece I have. Decided to go with mint since I have enough pink stuff lying around XD It looks lovely and cute, but chic at the same time that I can wear it with my jackets & dresses or semi-office lady looks to make the clothes look not too boring ♦