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About the miss..

My alias here is 'Diamond'. 
I am a gamer, and a translator who wants to be a novelist one day.
I live in Seoul, South Korea. 
I have been keeping websites and blogs since 2004, which none of them survived 'til today.  

About the blog...

This is my blog, which I have been keeping for years under the name of 'Sparkling Diamond' since 2010... or 2011. 

I remember choosing the name 'Sparkling Diamond', because that was what I wanted to feel about myself- a special person who continues to shine, no matter what kinds of hardship encountered, thus a 'sparkling diamond'.

'Sparkling Diamond' has helped me go through 3 years of hell and sadness along with my stories during my adolescence. After I finally graduated, I felt free and excited for the new possibilities awaiting for me... That made me want to turn away from my past, which my blog represented as I wrote sad words on it. After years of neglect and oblivion, I came upon it and decided to give it a new start with a new name, 'Night Diamond' as I also need a new start right now.

I came up with 'Night Diamond' for the similar reason as 'Sparkling Diamond'- I wanted to think of myself as a person who would not change, break, or give up no matter what, just like a diamond, especially during the darkest hours.

'Night Diamond' has been open since 23/01/2017.


  1. Hi - Congrats on the new blog opening :) I like the meaning behind the blog name!

  2. Hi Diamond! Thank you for your sweet comment ^~^ I made this button for you just because I felt like it XD


    <3 Alaina at littlepixelfactory.com

    1. Thank you so much, Alaina ♥ I love it, it's wonderful! I am going to use it for, like, the rest of my life, heheh >_<