Sunday, September 17, 2017

I did a iHerb haul this month! I've been meaning to make an order for ages, and here I am! This is my first purchase, and I am very much happy with the service! Although, I had to take some products out due to the weight limit and couldn't order that roll-on perfumes because they can't be delivered to South Korea :(

Oh, well, I can always re-order since they offer free shipping for purchase over 50$ or something. Next time, I'll get that almond oil and tea leaves I didn't get >v<♥

This is what I got from iHerb- I forgot to put the cocoa butter when I was taking the picture ~.~

HURRAW! Coconut Lip Balm

I was surprised when I got this product- I didn't know it was so small (it seemed larger in the images on the website). It smells really, really good- sweet, oily, coconut smell. It feels smooth and moisturizing when used, although the moisture doesn't seem to stay long for me. So far, I'm satisfied with this product but I will have to use it more to see if I want to re-purchase. But I'm happy how this lip balm is organic and cruelty-free 😺

Eco Lips Relieve Softening Lip Balm Cocoa Vanilla Nut

I went crazy and ordered like several lip balms at the same time, but I'm happy with all of the lip balms I got XD This one cost a little bit more than the rest, but it's really cool how its packaging is made out of paper! The faint vanilla scent is pleasant, and leaves the lips smooth and moisturized when used. It's a bit oilier than the HURRAW! lip balm, so it seems to stay on my lips a little longer. It is an organic and eco-friendly product, and I am satisfied with it so far! ♥♥

Carmex Classic Lip Balm, Medicated

This is my first time using a Carmex product, and I can't believe I am using this now!! I love that cooling sensation when I apply this to my lips. My lips tend to get irritated now and then, and applying this lip balm leaves them relieved and soothed :) I will definitely re-purchase it after I'm done with this one!

Sierra Bees Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Now it seems like I'm obsessed with cocoa... LOL
Organic lip balms that came in a packet of 8. There were so many that I gave some away to my friends at work and my boyfriend ^v^♥ This, too, leaves the lips soft and moisturized when used, though I don't think the smell is sweet or anything. The scent is faint, which is a bit disappointing for me; I was looking forward to a really strong, sweet scent! Oh well, it's good for its money's worth. Good to give out to friends and families!

Sierra Bees Bumpy Road Salve

I got this because I get bruised very often (my bad for being careless, I guess). Frankly, I don't expect it to have any effect, but I've been using it just as a salve, and it's good so far. I don't know if I will re-purchase it, though. I will have to finish it off to see.

EDIT: Wow, it made my bruises go away faster! I've also been using it on my cuticles, which softens them. I think I will buy this product after I'm done with the one I have :3

Now Solutions Cocoa Butter

This is 100% pure cocoa butter multi-purpose moisturizer. I got this to use on my body & hands. It's hard so I have to scrap pieces off to use, although it isn't much of a nuisance for me. I just enjoy every moment of using is because it smells so sweet ♥ I had a strong desire to eat it, and my dog, too, since he comes running towards me, trying to lick my hand whenever I use this product! Totally love it ♥ Not only that, it leaves my skin smooth and soft, and I'm definitely going to re-purchase once I'm done with it.

Now Foods Solutions Avocado Oil

I got this to use on my face and hair, although I don't think it's a great oil for hari. It does make my skin smooth and soft, and feels very moisturized (yet oily). I'll have to use it up to see if it works for my skin. If it does, I'll put it up on my re-purchase list! So far, so good :D

Now Foods Solutions Apricot Oil

I got this to use as cleansing oil; since it is 100% pure apricot oil, it feels healthier than other cleansing oils with chemicals in it. Yet, the oil feels too thick and does not spread well on skin for a cleansing oil, so I might have to get another type of oil for this purpose and use this just as a moisturizer. Or maybe I could use it on my hair? @v@ Anyhow, I'm overall satisfied with it as well!

Now Foods Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum

I got this to use under my eyes, and still waiting to see the results. I will edit this post later when I do!

EDIT: Honestly, I don't know about firming my skin or wrinkles (though I don't have wrinkles yet... hehe), but I love how my skin feels moisturized from deep inside; most of the moisturizes I used before just made the surface of my skin moisturized and it would feel bit too oily after some time, but this product doesn't! A definite re-purchase for sure!

Acure Moroccan Argan Oil

It is organic, cruelty-free argan oil, and I am so happy that I got this product! It moisturizes my skin and leaves them smooth and soft, and furthermore, it is absorbed very quickly for oil. It is rich in vitamin E and protein, so I'm looking forward to its effect :3 So far, I'm happy with the result!

Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Soap Lavender & Wildflower

I love this soap! It is organic and smells amazing; it cleans off the make-ups on my face, and my skin feels smooth & moisturized afterwards. I love how it comes in a box with no separate packaging, while the Korean soaps I used to get always came in either double or triple packaging, which is a total waste! It is definitely going on my re-purchase list ♪

Everyday Minerals Matte Base Rosy Light

I haven't used it yet, will edit this part once I do!

EDIT: Okay, my first time wasting my money at iHerb.... BLECH XP
Applying this powder just makes my skin seem uneven on the surface. No natural, healthy glow or anything, and it doesn't cover very well. I have no idea what to do with it... :0

Artisana Organics Coconut Oil Virgin

This is my first time buying coconut oil, and I am extremely happy that I got it! 😻 It smells sweet and tastes good ♥ I take one spoonful of coconut oil daily, and put it in my salad & spaghetti, which tastes wonderful! It says it can be used to moisturize skin as well, but I haven't tried yet XD

Simply Organic Parsley

Uh... what is there more to say? Organic parsley XD
I got this to sprinkle over my spaghetti! Looks better, tastes better! And it comes in a glass bottle, which looks more pretty :)

Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

I got this for my bones. I keep getting bruises, so I hope I can see some effects!

Now Foods Cranberry Caps

I got this since it is good for urinary health! Cranberry caps worked wonder before so I've been taking them. Hope this one is good, too!

Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 10,000 IU

Uhh... I got this because it was on promotion x.X
It's vitamin... Vitamin is suppose to be good for you.... I guess...? I hope to see some effects... If not, oh well.

EDIT: I think I'll save this for winter LOL

Now Foods Essential Oils Lavender

I got this to use when making my own hair conditioner! I saw a DIY hair conditioner on YouTube, and all I need is apple vinegar, water, and 1~2 drops of lavender oil! I'm really excited and can't wait to make it! I hope it works! ovo♪

NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement 

I got this for my dog, Gureumi, and have been giving him one daily. He seems to think it as a snack and loves it! Honestly, I couldn't really see the difference and whether it is effective or not, but I guess it is since my boyfriend says so. I'll have to wait for a month and see if it's worth my money to re-purchase.

Nature's Answer Perio Brite Coolmint

I bought this because it says it has natural ingredients and brightens the teeth, and also because it was cheap. It was cheaper than those toothpastes with chemicals in it! I will get another one after finishing with the one I have ✨

EDIT: It was my first time using an organic toothpaste, and I think it's okay so far. It is too spicy for me, though! x_X

Eco Tools Five Piece Travel Collection

I needed to get smaller brushes to carry around in my bag because I apply my make-up when I'm on my way to work @.@ I love how it has wooden handles (bamboo) and a cute mini-pouch that comes along! The brush hair feels smooth and quit firm, so it seems okay for me. I'm curious why it comes in a plastic package when it says "eco-tools". Maybe not entirely eco-friendly...?

So... this is it for my iHerb purchase review! I will edit the parts I haven't written properly once I get to use more of these products! Totally love iHerb 😍 I plan to make another order once I get my paycheck XD 

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